Question: How long you been in business?
Answer:    I have been licensed in the Pest Control business since 1984.

Question: Is the chemical you use safe?
Answer:    Nothing is 100% safe, but all the products I use are approved by the EPA, and applied per the Label. THE LABEL IS THE LAW

Question: Will I have to do anything to get ready for your service?
Answer:    Most of the time you will not have to do anything if there are any special instructions. I will let you know well in advance.

Question: How much is your service going to cost me?
Answer:    That all depends on what kind of work is going to be done. And how bad the problem is. Pest Pro Services offers all kinds of different services. They all come with some kind of guarantee,
The cost is figured in to the plan that is designed for you and your family.

Question:   How about my children?
Answer:     It is up to you, most of the time everyone can stay in the home. There is no odor to most of the chemical. I will explain all that at the time we set up the appointment.

Question: How about my pets?
Answer:    Pets can stay in the home, there are a few situations where if you have some certain kinds of pets they might have to be taken out. Again explain more at time we set up the appointment.

Question: Do you have to treat the inside of my home each time?
Answer:    Depends on what kind of problems you are having. Most insects can be controlled by just treating the outside. Or just certain areas inside your home.

Question: What about Termites?
Answer:    I am certified for termites, but I don’t do termite treatments. I do have several very good companies I will recommend for you.

Question: Are you fully licensed and Insured?
Answer:    Yes, if you need proof I will show you insurance and license on request.

Question: Do you have copies of Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets?
Answer:    Yes, Show you or fax to you on request.

Question: Can’t I do all this myself?
Answer:    You can try, as people have before but in the end, they end up calling the Pest Professional.
and most of the time, when people try and do it themselves, they just make the matter worse
so it cost you more in the long run, cause then it takes us Professional longer to correct your